I’ve just released the alpha version of the long awaited Nintendo Switch Emulator I’ve been working on. Although this is still a pretty early version you can already play the new Zelda Breathe of the Wild.

Please keep in mind before downloading that this Nintendo Switch Emulator is still under heavy development and that bugs can occur. I won’t be releasing a Mac version anytime soon, so you can only expect to be able to use the Switch Emulator on Windows both x32 and x64 versions.

You can currently emulate the beta and origina; version of Zelda Breathe of the Wild and a few other demo games that have been released. Keep in mind that I do not supply roms or any other type of games. You should obtain a legal copy of any game you’re about to Emulate using this Switch Emulator.

Various bug fixes and new features will be announced soon, so keep an eye out for any new posts.

Check out the Download section for more info on how to get the most out of and to download our Nintendo Switch Emulator. Also don’t forget to file all bugs/feature requests at our Github Repo!