I’ve just released a new version for the Switch Emulator! The new Nintendo Switch Emulator version 0.1.1 introduces some exciting new features and lots of bug fixes.

Nintendo Switch Emulator Features

You can now map your controls within the Switch Emulator. The new version adds a fully functional control mapping option. Various other updates including compiling options and a more stable auto updater (Been getting lots of messages about the update servers not responding).

Still working hard to increase Zelda: Breathe of the Wild compatibility. There’s already a ton of bugs fixed and more got released with this Nintendo Switch Emulator version.

Updating the Nintendo Switch Emulator

If you’ve already downloaded the Switch Emulator, simply launch your emulators and you will be able to auto update it from within the software. If you can’t update your Switch Emulators, simply head to the download section and grab the newest release.